Thanks for spending your time reading this blog. Below you will find some lines that would, hopefully, give you a better idea of who I am and why I started this blog.

I am a Research Software Engineer and Data Engineering specialist. I started coding since I was in high school but I only started doing this seriously as part of my PhD.

I intend to use this website to document events I attend and share things I learn or work on.

A bit about me

  • I was born and raised in Mexico City
  • Before this lived in the USA for a short period of time
  • My background is in Mechatronics and I recently completed a PhD in Materials science (computational nanomechanics) at the University of Manchester
  • I am a passionate advocate for diversity in STEM areas
  • I love cakes, chocolate and sweets in general
  • I also love cats and sausage dogs!
  • Other things that keep me busy/interested are: reading, watching films, volunteering, and traveling

  • What I am doing now?

    I tend to keep myself busy so you will find that I tend to get involved in multiple projects at the same time. At the moment some of the things I am doing include:

  • Working as a Research Software Engineer at the University of Sheffield, where I am involved in the Open DreamKit project
  • Constantly working on this blog space and writing content
  • Act as an active member of science outreach and tech diversity organizations
  • Acting as the Diversity Chair and a talk co-chair for the 2017 UK Research Software Engineering conference 2017 UK Research Software Engineering conference
  • I am also an active member of the Equality and Diversity committee of the University of Sheffield Computer Science Department
  • Volunteer at Code First Girls as the lead instructor of the Advanced Python course at Sheffield and might also join the Manchester ladies this autumn (yay!)
  • Training weightlifting
  • Working on personal Data Science projects
  • Thinking about new/interesting ways to get more girls into STEM subjects (if you want to join/discuss any ideas GET IN TOUCH)
  • Working on an app for crossfit / weightlifting scoring

  • Set up

    Due to the diverse nature of my job I do not get to work using just one OS, or set up. This open ups multiple possibilities… and issues as well.

    I sometimes use an iMac running MacOs. The rest of the time I alternate between using Linux Mint or Windows 10.

    I use GitHub for version control along with GitKraken as my Git GUI. Also, I use Atom as my main text editor. Apart from these, I use a variety of applications/software on a daily basis so the requirements for each tutorial will be specified at the very beginning.

    The blog

    This website is powered by Jekyll and uses the basic layout of the Dopetrope theme, however, I ended up doing loads of changes to adapt this to my liking/personality.