Initial post! It's alive!

After long weeks that transformed into months (until I was finally happy with how my blog looked) this blog is officially alive!

I expect to be posting here regularly a nice combination of information regarding coding/tech related events, tutorials and some personal bits… I am still more than just a software engineer.

If you’d like to have a better idea of what this blog is about visit the About section.

I will soon be uploading an introductory post that was published in the Sheffield RSE team blog.

Summer work

I know I have been deadly quiet over the last weeks…. but to be fair I have been crazed up with work and stuff… but you will all be glad to know I had my PhD viva a few weeks ago and that was a success.

Code First mentoring the upcoming generation of female developers

This post was originally posted in the Sheffield RSE blog. The content is posted here with permission of the RSE group at TUoS.


  • 2017
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