PyLadies NorthWest

Yet another 'tech' user group

Presented By
Tania Allard, PhD

What is PyLadies?

And why do we need another PyLadies chapter?

We are...

A group of self-identified women 'developers' who love Python programming language.

Basically any of you! But you do not need to work as a developer. Maybe you:

  • Want to learn Python
  • Want to change careers
  • Want to meet like minded individuals
  • Want to give back to the OSS community
  • Want to make the tech community more welcoming and inclusive

Some of us might be hacking Python projects on the side, write code by day or night, but we all belong to the same community.


Python is one of the most welcoming communities I have ever belonged to. And it is huuuge! We are over 7 million Pythonistas all over the world 🐍💜

There is still loads to do


So is this only for women?

I am glad you asked

The chapter will focus on underrepresented genders in our community (e.g. women, agender, non-conforming, genderfluid..)

But we also want to recognise those who champion diversity

So we will organise a mixed bag of events and the target audience will be explicitly advertised

Also, we want this to be a safe, welcoming space for our people so we will adhere to the PSF code of conduct and enforce it.

Our plans

  • Localised events: Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds, Liverpool(?)
  • Sprints to give back to our favourite Python packages ( in collaboration with Python sprints)
  • Tutorials, workshops, mixed learning opportunities
  • More OSS sprints and hacks! (e.g. Hacktoberfest)... and mentoring

But we need you: