Initial post! It's alive!


After long weeks that transformed into months (until I was finally happy with how my blog looked) this blog is officially alive!

I expect to be posting here regularly a nice combination of information regarding coding/tech related events, tutorials and some personal bits… I am still more than just a software engineer.

If you’d like to have a better idea of what this blog is about visit the About section.

I will soon be uploading an introductory post that was published in the Sheffield RSE team blog.

Advent of Code 2017

Ho Ho Ho 🎄🎅 The Advent of Code is finally here! I know… I am only 4 days late, but I have been away and only had time to sit down and write this up.

2nd RSE conference: an insider view

I know! I have failed to post regularly, but in this occasion I have an excellent excuse: I have been super busy at work and I also went back home for some so much needed holidays!

My first months as an RSE

I shall warn you naïve reader, this is a long read, so go get yourself a cuppa (maybe some biscuits) before starting. You have been warned…


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