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I know I have been deadly quiet over the last weeks…. but to be fair I have been crazed up with work and stuff… but you will all be glad to know I had my PhD viva a few weeks ago and that was a success.

Now I have a bit more of time to concentrate on work, and some personal projects I have in my hands.

The image featured in this post might give away on some stuff I will be working on in the next few weeks as part of the Open Dream Kit project. More details will follow, but I will be working on a DS journal using GitHub and Jupyter notebooks as their main frameworks and I will be pretty much working across the full-stack (yeeei!) (the full animated hero section is here . On a personal note I have some Data visualization projects I have been putting off and will get them going.

I also have loads of tutorials and articles I need to finish so I can move them from a draft version to a published one here and summer seems the most amazing time to do it.

Also, I will be finalising the dev and testing for a weightlifting/crossfit app I have been working on as well as getting my hands on the development of an app for POTS people.

So it seems I have loads of exciting things to look for in the next coming months and I do intend to keep you updated!

Advent of Code 2017

Ho Ho Ho 🎄🎅 The Advent of Code is finally here! I know… I am only 4 days late, but I have been away and only had time to sit down and write this up.

2nd RSE conference: an insider view

I know! I have failed to post regularly, but in this occasion I have an excellent excuse: I have been super busy at work and I also went back home for some so much needed holidays!

My first months as an RSE

I shall warn you naïve reader, this is a long read, so go get yourself a cuppa (maybe some biscuits) before starting. You have been warned…


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