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My name is Tania; I am a Mechatronics engineer from formation and I have a PhD in computational nanomechanics with a focus on soft tissue biomechanics. I am also certified in higher education and pedagogy as well as a certified instructor and trainer for the carpentries.
I am currently working as a Research Software Engineer (RSE), as such, I work with many researchers, data scientists, and machine learners. Thanks to my job I get to play with loads of fun stuff and learn about new technologies and algorithms all the time. I also have many opportunities to develop content for different communities, attend conferences, and engage with other RSEs and technology developers.

I am a passionate user, developer, maintainer, and advocate of open source and for a few years now a true believer in open science. I genuinely believe that the way to progress is to do it as a collaborative community effort and openly and transparently 💜💙. I mentor individuals around open science and transparent research, ah and I have mentors myself! I am most interested in reproducible and replicable research and data science, and I work with many researchers and data scientists inside and outside academia to make their work more robust, reproducible, and sustainable. I am also concerned about data integrity, archiving, and validation and everything around testing 🤩.

My work would not be possible without the open source community, so I try and give back to it as and when possible. I often do so by mentoring other developers, contributing to open source software, organising events for underrepresented groups in the community and serving as a bridge among communities.

One of the projects I am the most excited at the moment is the launch of a PyLadies chapter for the NorthWest (ish) of the UK 🐍. If you want to check the chapter out and get updates on what we will be doing in the future follow us on Twitter at @PyLadiesNWUK.

If you want to reach out feel free to drop me an email. I am happy to discuss new projects and ideas around reproducible science, data science pipelines, diversity and inclusion in tech and more.

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