I am a Research Software Engineer and Data Engineering specialist. I was introduced to coding during my early years in primary school and got introduced to html and css in secondary school… and was later on introduced to C/C++, C#, MATLAB, Mathematica and Assembly during high school and university. But I never considered myself a coder until I was doing my PhD.

This is a place for me to document things I have learned, projects I am working and share my views on a combination of topics. You are likely to see a posts on community building, open source, coding (polyglot), data science-y things and other topics I find interesting. I not always have time to sit down and write about everything I have been doing as I write for other blogs including the Python Software Foundation blog.

Since my PhD I have been a bit obsessed with all the things related to data analysis and visualization. However, I have never set a formal path to document the things I learn and the things I struggle with. I started this blog last year (2017).

What I am doing now?

I tend to keep myself busy so you will find that I am involved in multiple projects at the same time and you will surely see me tweeting about events, conferences, and other projects I collaborate to.

At the moment I am working as a Research Software engineer at the University of Sheffield and work mainly on the Open DreamKit project. I am also a certified trainer and instructor and trainer for the carpentries (formerly Software and data carpentry). In addition to that I am the lesson maintainer for the Python ecology lesson for Data Carpentry.

I also participated in Mozilla Open Leaders with a project to increase the fair representation in Computer Science courses (Code Foundation), and now I am back mentoring projects!!!! I am sure I will be a recurrent mentor and I will also be helping with the diversity efforts of Mozfest 🦊🦊.

Some other hats I wear are: NASA DataNaut, public speaker, Python course lead for CodeFirstGirls, RSE UK committee member, JuliaCon diversity chair, RForwards committee member, member of the Diversity and Equality committee at the University of Sheffield, and one of the most exciting things: I am a Software Sustainability Fellow.

I also recently joined the OpenScience MOOC and will be collaborating to the Open Source Module to start with.

Follow this place to keep up to date with the things I am doing!